Build your asset management business of the future, now!

Created by industry experts. Prized by external asset managers, family offices and wealth businesses.

Built by experienced industry insiders

The QUO platform is the brainchild of industry professionals with decades of experience, who know precisely what the daily inefficiencies are that wealth and asset managers face.

Achieve unprecedented workflow efficiency

QUO is designed to solve everyday workflow pain points. Whether an external asset manager, family office or wealth business, QUO is made for you.

What QUO delivers

Higher client retention rates and new client referrals

Massive manual task time reduction per relationship manager per month.
Enhance the client experience with a range of superior features, including instant live position snapshots on demand, all-new optimized margin capabilities with live cash balances, and exceptional risk prevention with automation.

QUO Portfolio

Accelerate your portfolio performance

Centralise custodian management with a single sign-on

Rebalance your portfolio fast with a suite of purpose-built tools

Track realised and unrealised profit and loss in real time

And much more, including omni-asset portfolios and live market monitoring

QUO Trade

Achieve trading workflow optimization

Multi asset class and global exchange coverage
Execute trades in all asset classes online across over 100 global exchanges

Benchmark data provision
Receive rich data live in real-time or delayed, according to your preference

A truly global FIX network
Access an expansive system of FIX-connected banks

QUO Trade also enables you to access liquidity from multiple venues and trade spot, forward, NDF and options; subscribe to mutual funds and redeem them online; and get live bid-ask before placing fixed income trades.

QUO Risk

Discover the benchmark in risk prevention security

Risk management automation
Set up automated pre-trade compliance rules, including an array of position and trade limit orders.

Second-line risk prevention
Configure additional lines of defence against risk, including rules on blacklists, shorts, and price boundaries.

Audit trail automation
Receive automated audit trail reports for compliance and operations departments

And it doesn’t stop there. With QUO Risk, receive live updates on passive breaches and automate compliance checks, among many more features to protect you from risk while removing time-intensive tasks.


Discover how QUO can benefit your business by booking a risk-free phone consultation.

You’ll see how simple our digital platform is to use and how much time it can save you in your daily operations.