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workflow hub The QUO platform delivers three comprehensive features in one consolidated solution.

Designed with wealth manager workflow front of mind, there has never been a more intuitive, user-centric way to run your daily operations.

QUO Portfolio

Transform your portfolio management operations

Aggregate all your positions from over 200 custodian banks and brokers. In real time, monitor live exposures and omni-account market values, and view realized and unrealized P&Ls in both account or investment currencies.

And much more, including intraday available cash and a suite of value-added portfolio tools.

“Live portfolio view of all our aggregated positions makes our daily workflow so much easier to navigate. It positions us to really focus on what matters.”

QUO Trade

Accelerate your daily trade workflow

Execute trades in all asset classes online across 100+ worldwide exchanges, receive rich data live in real-time or delayed, and enjoy access to a global network of FIX-connected banks.

“We designed QUO Trade to address the most pressing pain points that asset managers experience on a daily basis. The result is an end-to-end trading tool through which to manage the entire trade cycle and eliminate the inefficiencies of legacy processes.” Will Lawton, CEO of QUO

QUO Risk

Achieve optimised market risk control

Set up automated pre-trade compliance rules, including an array of position and trade limit orders; configure additional lines of defence against risk, including rules on blacklists, shorts, and price boundaries; and receive automated audit trail reports for compliance and operations departments.

“The exponential growth of data in wealth management has meant that security is of critical importance to end-clients. At QUO, we wanted to go above and beyond by building an industry benchmark security solution as a key priority feature of the QUO platform.”

Centralise your workflow

into one all-powerful, single sign-on platform

No more switching between platforms from multiple banks and brokers with separate security tokens.

Trade execution and portfolio monitoring in real time

Directly from the QUO platform, monitor and adjust portfolios in real time.


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