When properly integrated, QUO can use the Bank’s risk management limits on accounts and also clear cash balances. In addition, any enhanced mandate related rules can be programmed into QUO as well or can be checked via API direct from the core bank system. Additionally, some of the core bank systems are not real time. With QUO, the Core Bank systems can have information relayed to it that is as close as real time to possible. Hence it is also possible to get T+0 portfolio details.

Clients do not have to call their RM or their trader to place a trade. Larger clients like Family Offices can manage their own funds and can rebalance positions and generate electronic orders. Execution cost savings can be immense and range upto 100Bp to 150Bp which is charged when making a phone order (both commission and spread). Over time this can add upto 3-4% of portfolio value for a year.

QUO can enable buy sides to access 200+ banks and brokers through one interface. This has multiple scale benefits as the same rules, same setups and same systems for accessing multiple execution venues.

QUO is more than just a simple CRM or an aggregation tool – it is a platform that enables Wealth Managers and Family Offices to real time aggregate and trade all their assets from one browser based interface.

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