For Private banks, fund managers, independent managers & family offices.
Connected to over 300+ Banks and Brokers.

Multi-Asset Trading Platform

Manage your Portfolio, Pre-trade compliance checks and Trading in real-time
across all markets and custodians through one Platform.

QUO Portfolio
QUO Portfolio
Aggregate & manage investments across all your Banks.
QUO Portfolio
QUO Trade
Trade 15 Million securities across all asset classes globally.
QUO Portfolio
QUO Risk
Automate pre-trade compliance and risk rules.

Manage all client portfolios from anywhere

As a cloud-based SaaS platform, QUO is the ideal solution
to meet all your work-from-home needs.

QUO Generates Significant
Workflow Productivity Gains

Single sign-on & holisitc view of all accounts.

Access to Listed & OTC Markets globally.

Easy to Integrate with all other platforms.

Simple & Fast Implementation

Tailor the best solution for you with our implementaion team & partners.

QUO platform leverages cloud technology for effortless setup and integrates with legacy systems.

QUO implementation period is a fraction of the prevalent market average of nine to 15 months.

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