Centralise your entire workflow with
one trade-ready wealth platform

QUO enables asset managers to achieve unrivalled operational efficiency with a single-sign-on, consolidated data capture, and live data enrichment.

One state-of-the-art platform.
Three stunning solutions.

Built with the award-winning TradeSmart® technology, QUO combines innovation, true expertise and unrivalled industry experience to deliver a best-in-class wealth management solution.

Brought to you by TradingScreen, QUO is a cloud-based platform for banks and wealth organisations.

QUO Portfolio

Aggregate and view portfolio positions from across more than 200 brokers and banks globally.

QUO Trade

Trade all asset classes across global exchanges and choose between live real-time or delayed data.

QUO Risk

Automate total risk management with total pre-trade compliance rules.

Harness the power of real-time trading and account aggregation for all your bank and broker accounts

An all-new level of streamlined workflow efficiency that enables you to consign scattergun phone, email and offline orders to the past.

The ultimate remote work wealth management hub

As a cloud-based SaaS platform, QUO is the ideal solution to meet all your work-from-home needs.

Run Cutting-edge Data
and Connectivity

Apply real-time or 15-minute delayed market data across exchanges and assets

Enjoy direct access to a global network of over 200 banks and brokers

QUO clients benefit from a sharp market data ROI increase
and ease of connectivity with a vast global custodian network

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QUO Connectivity

QUO generates massive workflow productivity gains

So your business can do its best work, leverage the time savings and superior standards of the QUO platform’s holistic range of features.

Single sign-on position centralisation

Never have to switch between accounts to view different portfolio positions ever again.

Unfettered market access

Trade in all assets on exchanges around the world and leverage a formidable network of FIX-connected banks.

Peerless provision of rich data

Support strategic decisions with ultra-precise, timely data, either in real-time or delayed, according to your preference.

Full implementation in four weeks or less

Created for hyper-fast implementation and ease of use. Get up and running with QUO in as little as a few hours

The QUO platform leverages cloud technology for effortless setup and integrates with bank core legacy systems.

From platform ID provision inside an hour to full implementation within four to six weeks, the QUO integration period is a fraction of the prevalent market average of nine to 15 months.

QUO is a TradingScreen company

QUO is a part of TradingScreen, the industry leader in SaaS financial technology. It is built on TradingScreen’s foundation of unrivalled industry experience and a reputation for true technological innovation, most recently in the form of the award-winning TradeSmart® platform. TradingScreen provides full operational, infrastructural and strategic support to QUO.

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