TradingScreen launches QUO, a new cloud based workflow solution for wealth managers

TradingScreen launches QUO, a new cloud based workflow solution for wealth managers

The requirements of investment managers from their order and execution management systems (OEMS) has been evolving as the asset classes get more complex: fund and wealth management sectors converge, reporting requirements increase and trading needs to be faster. There is now increasing need for more efficient trade processing with risk monitoring, integrated and consolidated view of trades across multiple assets, more streamlined execution and a better visualisation with data analysis features.

For wealth and investment managers, adding value to clients is now an important requirement however there have been limited options for firms that need OEMS that is easy to deploy, has simpler process and does not require multiple log-ins and permissions for any investment strategy execution.

TradingScreen, a US based provider of cloud based technology to financial markets for OEMS recently announced launch of QUO, its new investment management platform. A ‘software-as-a-service’ cloud based solution, this platform claims to enable execution across multiple workflow streams, adjust between different trading strategies, get a view of portfolios and allow trade directly from positions without having to log into multiple portals.

As a solution provider TradingScreen caters to three key customer segments - Institutional asset managers, alternative asset managers and wealth managers, as well as specialist segments like exchanges. It provides solution in execution management covering multiple assets - equities, derivatives, forex and fixed income assets with workflow including sourcing, accessing and aggregating liquidity and positions.

The company recently hired Will Lawton, a former HSBC, Standard Chartered and RBS executive, to head QUO. Sharing about the company’s plans of expansion in Asia, Lawton said, “The Asian client base is generally multi-banked and also far more active across asset classes than the wealth communities in Europe and the US, which aligns closely with QUO platform’s capabilities.”

The platform will target wealth community covering private banks, asset managers, family offices and traders and features multi-asset position aggregation, navigation and compliance, trading, order management and market data provision. It was launched in Asia in the first week of March and has picked up an external asset manager based in Singapore as its first client.

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