Ludovico Niccolini

Ludovico Niccolini

Ludovico is responsible for sales and business development for QUO Systems S.A., a Swiss based Fintech Company that has developed a digital solution for fund and wealth managers by combining trading system with portfolio, compliance and market data functions into a simple to use interface.

He brings over 14 years of sales and management expertise to the Fintech industry where he held senior positions at TradingScreen and Bloomberg L.P.

His expertise ranges from selling data solutions, analytics, trading systems as well as managing large-scale workflow solutions for leading financial institutions.

Throughout the years he has developed many successful long-term partnerships with world leading banks, asset managers and wealth managers. These very partners have been instrumental in the development of QUO.

In addition to sales, Ludovico also leads the company’s efforts for developing new product offerings by continuously working with prospects and clients by gathering functional requirements and adding innovative solutions where there are market needs.


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